Silver Pentax K-3 Now in Stock at B&H

Get yours before they're gone!

By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on Nov 21, 2013

B&H Photo has just received a shipment of Pentax K-3's and filled all existing pre-orders with some units to spare.  This means that the silver Pentax K-3 is now in stock and ready to ship- while supplies last! 

The silver version of the K-3 is limited to a production of 2,000 units wordwide.  The camera body is accompanied by a matching silver grip and a special leather neck strap.

Click here to get your premium silver Pentax K-3

As of the writing of this post, no other US retailers seem to have the premium silver edition in stock, as it has sold out.  One Amazon seller does have 4 units left at a premium, however.

For more information about the K-3, Pentax's latest flagship DSLR, see our in-depth review.

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