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By PF Staff in Deals and Savings on May 8, 2014

To follow up the March and April promotions on DeNoise and Detail, Topaz Labs is offering a 50% savings on Topaz Clean, a post-processing program that allows you to control edges and textures in your photos.

To save 50%, simply head over to the Topaz store and use the coupon code mayclean at checkout.  This promotion will last through the end of May.  After the savings, clean is just $14.99- and you can always try before you buy.

Click here to order or try Clean now

Like other Topaz plugins, Topaz Clean requires a compatible host program to run, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, Apple Aperture, iPhoto, Corel PaintShop, Irfanview, and others.  Here are some of the main benefits of Detail:

  • Smoothness: you can smooth surfaces in the image. This is useful for removing blemishes from skin, removing dust or noise, creating a less-busy texture, and more.
  • Edges: harsh edges in your photo can be vectorized so that you get smooth and well-defined lines that work well on image features such as hair and eyelashes.
  • Texture: recovers and refines original detail in your image to keep it looking natural. For example, you can re-introduce original skin texture in your portraits to prevent your post-processing from looking too overdone or "plastic".

Here are two before-and-after example of Clean in action:

Smoothing Fine DetailsSimplifying edges to remove distracting details

Clearing Skin BlemishesSmoothing the skin texture to remove blemishes

In practice, it seems that Clean is best-suited for portrait photographers.  If you appreciate other creative effects in your photos, the detail and edge simplification features may also come in handy for landscapes and busy photos of man-made objects, which can be turned into interesting abstracts.

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