Pentax K-1 / K-1 II Giveaway in August

Be our final K-1 winner!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Aug 1, 2018

The July edition of our Pentax K-1 Triple Giveaway has ended, with forum member grog85361 joining   SirTomster as our second K-1 winner!

We have one last Pentax K-1 or K-1 II to give away in August, and we will raffle off one of these K-1's once the community collectively makes 45,000 posts in August, per the progress bar at the top of the forum.  At 51,000 posts, the camera gets upgraded to a K-1 II! 

Raffle entries can be obtained through raffle threads scheduled at the end of the month, or you can automatically qualify if you make at least 180 posts in August.  Our top posters from June and July also automatically qualify.

The giveaway period has started as of midnight UTC on August 1st.

Check the full giveaway details for more information, or view the latest announcements on the forum.

Good luck to everyone!

Second K-1 to be Given Away July 30th

Enter the raffle for a chance to win!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 29, 2018

The community has persevered a second time, again surpassing 40,000 posts in July.  This means that we are about to give away another Pentax K-1 to a lucky raffle participant!

In case you missed the excitement throughout the month, you have until 05:00 UTC on July 30th to make at least 10 July posts on the forum to become eligible.  Assuming you already had a forum account at the time of this posting, you will then be able to enter one of the forum raffle threads once they open:

You can expect raffle entries to be claimed within a matter of minutes, so be ready to enter as early as possible.  Full details on the raffle are available here, and you can ask questions here.

2018 Pentax Forums T-Shirt Contest

Get free shirts and more if you win!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 17, 2018

New Pentax Forums T-shirts will soon be making a return for 2018!  We have just kicked off a contest for three general Pentax/camera-themed shirt designs.  The contest will run until mid-August, and shortly after our members vote for the winners, the winning designs will become available.  All winners will receive two free shirts and a forum account upgrade.

Click here to learn more or enter the 2018 PF T-shirt contest

We are looking forward to seeing your creative designs!

Feel free to browse the 2015-2017 designs for examples of what our users have come up with in the past.

Pentax K-1 Giveaway in July

One Pentax K-1 given away, two to go!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 1, 2018

The June edition of our Pentax K-1 Triple Giveaway has ended, with forum member SirTomster soon to receive our first Pentax K-1 prize!

We still have two more Pentax K-1's to give away.  In July, and we will raffle off one of these K-1's once the progress bar at the top of the forum reaches 100%.  It will do so when the total post count roughly 40,000 more posts, or approximately 4,224,000.

At that point, we will post a series of threads in the giveaway forum which will allow you to obtain raffle entries.  The following day, the winner will be drawn.

Check the full giveaway details for more information, or view the latest announcements on the forum.

Good luck to everyone!

Pentax K-1 Triple Giveaway: Summer 2018

We are giving away three K-1 bodies!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jun 1, 2018

Summers are usually slow in the Pentax world, as trade shows, product announcements, and deals typically dominate either the start or end of each year.  This summer, though, will be different...

We are giving away 3 Pentax K-1 (or K-1 II) bodies— one each in June, July, and August.

  • We'd like to congratulate our June winner - SirTomster
  • We'd also like to congratulate our July winner - grog85361

The giveaway will be simple: the camera will be up for grabs once the community reaches 45,000 posts in any given month.  This should prove quite easy: we broke the count in both June and July.  As an added bonus, if we reach 51,000 posts, that K-1 will turn in to a K-1 Mark II (a $1996 value).

Note that the information below has been updated for the August iteration of the giveaway.

When we reach the target number of posts, on or after August 30th, we will create three raffle threads, each separated by 8 hours (giving users in various time zones the opportunity to enter).  The first 80 users to reply to each thread will get one raffle entry, and then the winner will be picked at random.  If you don't win the camera, we'll have forum account upgrades our most active participants— plus, you are guaranteed to have plenty of fun on the forum along the way.

Users will need to have made at least 10 posts during the giveaway period in order to be eligible to post in the raffle threads.  In addition, if you make 180 or more posts, you will automatically get a raffle entry.

Track current giveaway progress at the top of any page on the forum:

To recap:

  • The community must reach 45,000 posts each month
  • At that point, 3 threads will be created 8 hours apart, and the first 80 posters in each will get a raffle entry
  • Automatic raffle entry if you have 180+ posts
  • Raffle participants must have at least 10 forum posts in the month of the raffle
  • The winner is drawn at random, and we will ship a K-1 to the winner
  • If the community reaches 51,000 posts by the end of the month, the prize gets upgraded to a K-1 II

Why three cameras?  We've wanted to do a K-1 giveaway from quite some time now, so this makes up for no camera giveaway in 2016 and 2017.  This will also be our largest giveaway to date, celebrating the 4,000,000 post milestone.

The full-frame K-1 is currently the most popular Pentax DSLR.  Learn more in our in-depth review.

Good luck, and let's make this a great summer! Follow the buttons below to get involved:

*Fine print: to prevent abuse, we will limit raffle entries to accounts with at ten posts during the contest period and registered for at least 24 hours prior to the time of the raffle. Limit one entry per household per month. No purchase necessary; open to users worldwide. Shipping is included; user responsible for any customs fees or duties in case the camera cannot be sources locally. management reserves all rights.

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