PentaxForums Donates $1200 to Hurricane Relief

Large donation raised by forum members

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Oct 2, 2017

When we first announced our hurricane fundraiser at the beginning of September, Hurricane Harvey had ravaged parts of Texas, causing damage on a historical scale.  Later in September, two more record-breaking hurricanes displaced even more victims in Puerto Rico and Florida.

We are happy to announce that through Pentax eBook and T-shirt sales during the month of September, we are able to raise $1200 to aid hurricane relief.  We have now donated this amount to charity, with half going to the Rebuild Texas Foundation for Harvey victims, and the other half for the American Red Cross for relief in Puerto Rico and Florida.

We plan to continue the giving, with 50% of eBook proceeds during the month of October going to those victims who need the most aid.  You can support the cause by  ordering a Pentax eBook, or, if you've already done so, consider donating directly through the PayPal Giving Fund, which lets you support the organization of your choice with just 2 easy clicks.

Big thanks go out for everyone's generosity in this time of need.  Your donations will make a big difference in communities affected by the recent disasters!

Pentax Forums Hurricane Fundraiser

Proceeds from Pentax eBooks, PF T-shirts to be donated to charity

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Sep 2, 2017

Last week, the US state of Texas started suffering flooding of historic proportions aftering being hit by heavy rains and winds caused by Hurricane Harvey.  Thousands of people are stranded outside their homes while the total cost of damages is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars.  Worst of all, homeowners without flood insurance are otherwise left without assistance toward repairs.

In partnership with author Yvon Bourque, we'd therefore like to help those in need by donating 100% of proceeds from Pentax eBook sales to charity during the entire month of September.   We will also contribute a portion of stanard forum donations and T-shirt sales.

The proceeds will be donated to the Rebuild Texas Fund, an organization endorsed by the Texas governor seeking to provide long-term assistance to rebuild damaged communities in Texas.  We'll announce the size of the donation at the end of the month.

Update: in light of the recent distasters, we will also donate to relief efforts in Florida and Puerto Rico.

Master your DSLR while helping those in need- get your Pentax eBook today!

2017 Pentax Forums T-Shirts Now Available

Faster printing times, lower costs than last year!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Aug 28, 2017

Our members' most popular Pentax Forums T-shirt designs from 2017 are now available!  You can order the four shirts below through the PF Teespring store, and new this year, shirts will be printed once every three days to reduce wait times.

We've once again lowered pricing and streamlined fulfillment to reduce overall shirt costs and delivery times.  All shirts are priced at $19.49 USD for US users, 17.99 for UK/EU users (including VAT), and $17.80 for users in other countries (to offset higher shipping costs). Shipping rates are quoted in the table below and discounts are available for multiple shirts of the same design.

Also new this year, there are multiple color variants of designs #2 and #3.

Be sure to select the correct region below to obtain the lowest shipping costs and fastest delivery:

This sale will remain ongoing during September.  Expect to receive your shirt 1-2 weeks after placing your order.

Shipping rates in detail:

Your Location
Rate (per shirt design)
Printing Location
US $3.99 first, $2.00 additional US
Canada* $4.99 first, $2.25 additional UK
UK £2.75 first, $1.00 additional UK
EU 3.99 first, 1.85 additional UK
Rest of World* $8.99 first, $2.25 additional UK

*You do not pay VAT, so shirts get discounted by $1.69 each to offset higher shipping costs

2017 PF T-shirt Design Voting

Pick your favorites from 50 candidate designs

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Aug 9, 2017

The 2017 Pentax Forums T-shirt contest has closed to new submissions, and you can now browse the 50 designs that our talented members have submitted.

Please vote in the poll below to pick your favorite(s)!  Toward the end of the month, we will announce the winners, and in early September the shirts will go on sale for our members worldwide.

Update: as of August 13st, voting has moved on to the finalist phase, where you can pick your favorite overall design from a small pool of finalists.

Click here to view & vote on your favorite T-shirt designs!

2017 Pentax Forums T-Shirt Contest

Get free shirts and more if you win!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 8, 2017

Pentax Forums T-shirts will soon be making a return for 2017!  We have just kicked off a contest for two general Pentax/camera-themed shirt designs.  The contest will run until the end of the July, and shortly after our members vote for the winners, the winning designs will become available.  All winners will receive two free shirts and a forum account upgrade.

Click here to learn more or enter the 2017 PF T-shirt contest

We are looking forward to seeing your creative designs!

Feel free to browse the 2016 and 2015 designs for examples of what our users have come up with in the past.

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