Pentax Forums "100 years in 100 days" Mega Giveaway

Our largest giveaway to date, featuring contests and raffles

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Oct 1, 2019

To celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of Pentax, we are hosting a special giveaway and contest series, starting today, for the next 100 days. The total prize pool will be our largest to date; we'll be offering the latest DSLRs and lenses as well as some of the most popular— and most iconic— vintage gear.  Prizes will be awarded, and rotated, roughly once every month.

Giveaway Timeline

  • Phase 1: October 1 through 31, 2019 [event details]
  • Phase 2: November 1 through 30, 2019
  • Phase 3: December 1, 2019 through January 9, 2020

The first phase of the giveaway is now live!  All cutoffs are at midnight, GMT, the the respective day.

Ways to Enter to Win

To participate, head over to the forum and look for the message at the top of the page for more details.  Create a forum account if you don't already have one.

Each phase will consist of three events: (1) a general raffle, with only one entry available to each user each phase, (2) a grand prize raffle in which you get more entries based on your monthly posting acitivity, and (3) an open-themed photo contest similar to, and in place of, our usual monthly photo contests. Entering the raffles is as simple as making a single post in each raffle thread, once you are eligible.

Prize Overview

The table below summarizes the top prizes that will be available through this giveaway.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Grand Prize Raffle DA* 11-18mm F2.8 lens
D FA* 50mm F1.4 lens
Pentax KP New Pentax APS-C Flagship
General Raffle Takumar 50mm F1.4 lens
M 50mm F1.4 lens
A 50mm F1.7 lens
DA 55-300mm PLM
Theta SC
Pentax Spotmatic
Pentax Super Program
Photo Contest Ricoh GR III
Theta V
Pentax LX
Pentax MZ-S
Pentax K-70

In addition, each event will feature a number of runner-up prizes, such as Pentax Forums T-shirts, account upgrades, and "100 years of Pentax" commemorative accessories.

As always, these giveaways and contests are open to users worldwide, and no purchase is necessary to enter.

2018 Pentax Forums T-Shirts Now Available

More variants and colors than ever!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Sep 16, 2018

We had a four-way tie in this year's T-shirt design poll, so as voted by you, the six top Pentax Forums shirt designs for 2018 are now available.  New this year, each 2018 shirt comes in up to 15 colors and in standard, women's, and long-sleeve variants.  This makes for our largest selection to date!

You can order the new T-shirts through the PF Teespring store linked below. Be sure to select the correct region to obtain the lowest pricing and fastest delivery:

Sample variants of each design are shown below (click to enlarge):

Shirts will be printed every three days and fulfilled from two different locations to keep delivery quick and costs low. Teespring guarantees your satisfaction with each shirt. If you are not happy, or if a shirt doesn't fit as expected, please contact Teespring and they will take are of the issue.

Pentax K-1 / K-1 II Giveaway in August

Be our final K-1 winner!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Aug 1, 2018

The July edition of our Pentax K-1 Triple Giveaway has ended, with forum member grog85361 joining   SirTomster as our second K-1 winner!

We have one last Pentax K-1 or K-1 II to give away in August, and we will raffle off one of these K-1's once the community collectively makes 45,000 posts in August, per the progress bar at the top of the forum.  At 51,000 posts, the camera gets upgraded to a K-1 II! 

Raffle entries can be obtained through raffle threads scheduled at the end of the month, or you can automatically qualify if you make at least 180 posts in August.  Our top posters from June and July also automatically qualify.

The giveaway period has started as of midnight UTC on August 1st.

Check the full giveaway details for more information, or view the latest announcements on the forum.

Good luck to everyone!

Second K-1 to be Given Away July 30th

Enter the raffle for a chance to win!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 29, 2018

The community has persevered a second time, again surpassing 40,000 posts in July.  This means that we are about to give away another Pentax K-1 to a lucky raffle participant!

In case you missed the excitement throughout the month, you have until 05:00 UTC on July 30th to make at least 10 July posts on the forum to become eligible.  Assuming you already had a forum account at the time of this posting, you will then be able to enter one of the forum raffle threads once they open:

You can expect raffle entries to be claimed within a matter of minutes, so be ready to enter as early as possible.  Full details on the raffle are available here, and you can ask questions here.

2018 Pentax Forums T-Shirt Contest

Get free shirts and more if you win!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jul 17, 2018

New Pentax Forums T-shirts will soon be making a return for 2018!  We have just kicked off a contest for three general Pentax/camera-themed shirt designs.  The contest will run until mid-August, and shortly after our members vote for the winners, the winning designs will become available.  All winners will receive two free shirts and a forum account upgrade.

Click here to learn more or enter the 2018 PF T-shirt contest

We are looking forward to seeing your creative designs!

Feel free to browse the 2015-2017 designs for examples of what our users have come up with in the past.

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