2017 Pentax Forums T-Shirts Now Available

Faster printing times, lower costs than last year!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Aug 28, 2017

Our members' most popular Pentax Forums T-shirt designs from 2017 are now available!  You can order the four shirts below through the PF Teespring store, and new this year, shirts will be printed once every three days to reduce wait times.

We've once again lowered pricing and streamlined fulfillment to reduce overall shirt costs and delivery times.  All shirts are priced at $19.49 USD for US users, 17.99 for UK/EU users (including VAT), and $17.80 for users in other countries (to offset higher shipping costs). Shipping rates are quoted in the table below and discounts are available for multiple shirts of the same design.

Also new this year, there are multiple color variants of designs #2 and #3.

Be sure to select the correct region below to obtain the lowest shipping costs and fastest delivery:

This sale will remain ongoing during September.  Expect to receive your shirt 1-2 weeks after placing your order.

Shipping rates in detail:

Your Location
Rate (per shirt design)
Printing Location
US $3.99 first, $2.00 additional US
Canada* $4.99 first, $2.25 additional UK
UK £2.75 first, $1.00 additional UK
EU 3.99 first, 1.85 additional UK
Rest of World* $8.99 first, $2.25 additional UK

*You do not pay VAT, so shirts get discounted by $1.69 each to offset higher shipping costs




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