2020 Pentax Forums T-shirts Now Available

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Nov 8, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the availability of three new Pentax Forums T-shirt designs for 2020, as designed and selected by the community!  All the new designs are available in dozens of light and dark colors as well as in standard, women's, and long-sleeve styles.

Visit our Teespring store to order your shirts today!

We've also added all 25 of our previous designs to the store, reduced prices, and optimized shipping speed/costs with US and EU fulfillment available for all shirts.  This means that you can enjoy our largest selection and easiest shopping experience to date.

New 2020 Pentax Forums T-shirt Designs

If you'd like a chance to win a free T-shirt or even a Pentax K-70, be sure to enter our November giveaway.




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