2020 Pentax Lens Tournament

Will the original champion prevail?

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Dec 10, 2020

Back in our 2014 Pentax lens tournament, we crowned the FA 77mm Limited as the "best Pentax lens of all time", with other Limited lenses coming in as runners-up.  Since that time, many things have changed: at least 14 new Pentax lenses were launched, we saw the introduction of a full-frame DSLR (the K-1), and new third-party manufacturers joined the scene (such as Irix) while others left.

Will the presence of so many modern lenses level the playing field, or will the 77mm prevail once more?  Find out by participating in our 2020 lens tournament!  Best of all, after the tournament ends, we will also give away a copy of the winning lens!

To minimize bias, the 2020 tournament will also be blind; the selection of the overall winner will be based purely on sample photos taken with each lens.

First, though, we need to get some nominations.  Each user can only nominate one lens; to do so, post a thread in the special tournament forum with the name of the lens, a link to its database entry, and your best sample photo.  The top lenses with the most nominations will then advance to the second round of the tournament, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Full nomination submission instructions can be found here

Best sure to nominate your favorite lens before it's too late!




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