2021 Pentax Lens Tournament: Finalists Announced

Vote now in our special photo gallery

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Feb 1, 2021

It's time to move on to the last round of our 2021 Pentax Lens Tournament!  You've sumitted your nominations, we've tallied them up, and we now have our top 20 finalist lenses.  Which one of them will become the winner? Which will come close? 

To find out, we have set up a special voting page which will show pairs of photos taken with different lenses.  Cast your vote for which photo is better!  You can vote up to 8400 times: the total number of unique photo combinations.

Click here to proceed to the lens tournament voting page

Below are the current contenders.  Remember that we will give away the winning lens through a separate event in March!

Interestingly, the top four lenses from our original 2014 lens tournament are all once again finalists. Every Pentax lens launched after 2014 was nominated at least once, and 7 of these became finalists. No third-party lens was nominated more than once, however. Also, SMC DA Limiteds saw more nominations than their newer HD counterparts.  Many manual lenses were nominated, but not quite enough compared to digital-era lenses.




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