Holiday Two-Lens Giveaway!

Giveaway of the Pentax 18-135mm and 35mm lenses!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Dec 3, 2010

We are very happy to announce an exciting two-event, two-lens giveaway: "Write a review, win a lens".

In a nutshell, if you write a user review of any piece of Pentax equipment found in our lens databases, you will have a chance to win the new DA 35mm lens as well as other prizes!  Furthermore, if you also write a professional-grade review, and it is voted to be the best out of all the submitted professional reviews, then you will win a DA 18-135mm zoom lens.  Second and third place will be able to win other prizes as well.

All forum members are welcome to participate in one or both of the events! 

Click here for full event details.

This giveaway is sponsored in large part by B&H Photo, a premier authorized Pentax retailer. As you do your holiday shopping, we invite you to shop and B&H and take advantage of their special offers and free shipping!  Furthermore, if you order from B&H, you may be eligible for free Marketplace access on

Enjoy the giveaway, happy holidays, and Merry Christmas!

The 12 Days of Christmas

Another exciting photographic event

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Nov 29, 2010
From the people who brought you "Single in September"; from which they published a book documenting their adventure - comes a new Photo Challenge.

The 12 Days of Christmas.

The rules are simple: One photo every day between the 14th and 26th of December. Use whatever lenses, body, filters, or Vaseline that you have in your arsenal. But each shot should capturing a little of what makes up Christmas on your side of the world.

Of course, you don't need to be a practising Christian to join but just keen to share a little Christmas Spirit, or more pragmatically, simply document how the Yuletide unfolds in your corner of the globe.

For those interested all you need to participate is create an Album called "12 Days of Christmas" to which you upload images whenever you can and this Album can be searched, viewed and commented on by fellow members. Otherwise, if you need advise or a little prompting then feel free to involve yourself in the preliminary thread.

Merry Christmas and a K-5 New Year!

Workshop: Getting Started In Adventure Photography

Boulder, Colorado - September 25th and 26th

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Sep 18, 2010

If you're an outdoor, nature and adventure shooters, and are considering turning your passion into a career or part-time source of addition income, come join pro adventure photographer and dedicated Pentax user Ben Fullerton, as well as fellow pro adventure photographer Lucas Gilman, and Photo Editor of Backpacker Magazine Julia Vandenoever for an Adventure Photography Workshop in the beautiful and iconic Chautauqua Park of Boulder, CO. This workshop will be aim at advanced amateurs and aspiring pros, and will be focusing on the skills, techniques and knowledge that one needs to move up into the semi-pro or pro fields. Workshop will be a mix of hands-on, field time and classroom style segments. For more info go to the event forum post. Thanks for looking, it would be awesome to have a strong contingent of Pentaxians attending!

Day 1 will be taught by Lucas and will be and will be a mix of classroom and hands on discussion about technique. This day is all about the camera and using to capture images. Topics like, various exposure modes, and how and when to use each, lens selection and camera angles, use of natural light and location selection and so on will be covered.

Day 2 will be co-taught with Ben and Julia, and they will be focusing on what to do after the capture. They will be talking about workflow such as backing up images, sorting and selecting favorites, editing, and finalizing images. Ben and Julia will be talking about this all in as much of an non-platform-specific way, and focusing more on concepts and strategies, so that users of all editing/computer platforms can benefit (although they are both Lightroom/Photoshop users). After that they will talk about the business side of adventure photography. How to market yourself and to who, how to sell images, licensing, contract negotiating and copyright.

World Pentax Day Ended

Event gallery has 869 photos!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Sep 3, 2010

As of the start of the month, our World Pentax Day event gallery for the August 15th event is closed.  With a total of 869 submissions, this was the LARGEST such event to date!

We invite eveyone to browse the August 15th event gallery, as well the remainder of over 3,000 World Pentax Day photos.

Thanks to everyone for participating!  We hope you enjoyed the event, and are looking forward to presenting you with the next event in either November or December.

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