The 12 Days of Christmas

Another exciting photographic event

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Nov 29, 2010
From the people who brought you "Single in September"; from which they published a book documenting their adventure - comes a new Photo Challenge.

The 12 Days of Christmas.

The rules are simple: One photo every day between the 14th and 26th of December. Use whatever lenses, body, filters, or Vaseline that you have in your arsenal. But each shot should capturing a little of what makes up Christmas on your side of the world.

Of course, you don't need to be a practising Christian to join but just keen to share a little Christmas Spirit, or more pragmatically, simply document how the Yuletide unfolds in your corner of the globe.

For those interested all you need to participate is create an Album called "12 Days of Christmas" to which you upload images whenever you can and this Album can be searched, viewed and commented on by fellow members. Otherwise, if you need advise or a little prompting then feel free to involve yourself in the preliminary thread.

Merry Christmas and a K-5 New Year!

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