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Win one of the most advanced noise reductio programs out there!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jan 19, 2013

ArcSoft (a company specializing in post-processing software) has recetly annouced a new noise-reduction program called low-light NR, which introduces a feature called multi-frame noise reduction on top of conventional noise reduction algorithms.  They are giving away 5 free copies of this software through an exclusive giveaway, and it only takes a few minutes to enter, so we highly encourage you to do so.  Details on the giveaway are found here.

Below is an example of how this new noise reduction technology outperforms traditional algorithms:

Low Light NR Example

As you can see, noise is obliterated and details are retained almost perfectly.

The reason this works so well is that multi-frame NR collects pixel data from multiple consecutive photos of the same subject.  Such photos can be obtained by shooting in burst mode or using exposure compensation.  Since the noise patterns will differ slightly from photo to photo, the software is able to recover detail lost in your original photo by looking at the other frames.

Multi-Frame NR in action

If you didn't shoot multiple frames for a particular photo, Low Light NR can still reduce the noise, but it won't be as effective at recovering detail.

Our Low Light NR giveaway raffle will close in 3 weeks, so enter today if you're interested in winning a free copy of this $80 software!  No purchase necessary.  You can also try a free trial of the software while you wait for the winners to be announced.

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