Giveaway: Win the new HD D FA 21mm Limited Lens!

Claim up to 35 chances to win between November 22 and December 22, 2021

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Nov 21, 2021

Welcome to the latest Pentax Forum giveaway, which features the new HD Pentax-D FA 21mm F2.4 limited as the grand prize!  This eagerly awaited lens marks the first modern-era Limited lens for full frame, and includes features such as silent DC autofocus and weather sealing (if you shoot with APS-C, you can pick this lens or any other Limited instead).

Post in the submission thread here to enter the giveaway

Our giveaway will run from November 22nd through December 29th (extended from December 22nd).  During this period, for every 6 posts you make elsewhere on the forum, you can claim one raffle entry in the submission thread, up to a maximum of 35 chances to win per member.  A new entry can be claimed every 12 hours (twice a day).

Eligibility: As with other giveaways, this giveaway is open to all forum users worldwide, but users who won a grand prize in a prior Pentax Forums giveaway after November 2016 are not eligible for the grand prize in this giveaway.  If you do not yet have a free forum account, please create one to be able to participate.  Good luck, and be sure to claim your entries daily!


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