2015 PF T-Shirt Voting

Help select the official shirt design

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Apr 2, 2015

The official Pentax Forums T-shirts for 2015 are just around the corner!  Over the course of the past several weeks, members of the community have been submitting dozens of creative shirt ideas featuring Pentax cameras and the PF logo.  Now, all that remains is for us to pick out the best designs.  Cast votes for your favorite shirt ideas by following the links below (login required):

After you log in, you will see check boxes at the top of each page allowing you to cast your votes.

Voting will end next week, and at that point, a total of at least 4 design/color combinations will be selected for printing.  

We are happy to announce that once the shirts go on sale, they will be available at affordable prices and with economical worldwide shipping.  We will also strive to fulfill orders much more quickly than in the past by partnering with a company that specializes in printing and shipping large batches of shirts.

Each shirt purchase will be treated as a donation to the forum and may entitle you to additional perks, such as Site Supporter status or Marketplace access.

We hope you enjoy browsing the designs, and would like to wish the best of luck to those who submitted them.  The winners will each be receiving free shirts.

Pictured above is an excellent shirt concept by forum member StupidDuck (not part of the polls). 




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