Pentax Forums Turns 10 - Special Events Live

Host of special events to celebrate the milestone anniversary!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Sep 7, 2016
Pentax Forums Turns 10 - Special Events Live

10 years ago today, Pentax Forums opened its doors to Pentax users and fans worldwide.  Since that time, both our site and the Pentax brand itself have evolved tremendously!  Today, not only to we feature the Internet's largest Pentax-dedicated forum, but we continue on our mission to be the ultimate Pentax resource by comprehensively covering Pentax news, deals, trade shows, and equipment reviews.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members and visitors who have made the site what it is today— especially those who have contributed content, added user reviews, or donated to the forum!

To celebrate this big milestone, we're hosting a number special events, including a Pentax K-50 giveaway that will only last one day!  You can also obtain free marketplace access, order a 10th anniversary T-shirt, get unlimited attachment space on the forum, and partake in the World Pentax Day event.  Click on any link for details:

Be sure to check everything out before it's gone!

If you'd like to take a quick journey through time, the screenshots below will give you an idea of how the homepage and forum evolved over the years:

2006 Forum
2008 Forum

2010 Facelift

While the forum is similar, today's homepage is much more content-oriented thank previous iterations:

Simple Homepage (2006)

Simple Homepage (2008)

First News Portal (2009)

Second News Portal (2010)

Third News Portal (2011)

Third News Portal Facelift (2013)

Feel free to share your shout-outs in the comments below! We're looking forward to many fun years to come!

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