Pentax K-1 / K-1 II Giveaway in August

Be our final K-1 winner!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Aug 1, 2018
Pentax K-1 / K-1 II Giveaway in August

The July edition of our Pentax K-1 Triple Giveaway has ended, with forum member grog85361 joining   SirTomster as our second K-1 winner!

We have one last Pentax K-1 or K-1 II to give away in August, and we will raffle off one of these K-1's once the community collectively makes 45,000 posts in August, per the progress bar at the top of the forum.  At 51,000 posts, the camera gets upgraded to a K-1 II! 

Raffle entries can be obtained through raffle threads scheduled at the end of the month, or you can automatically qualify if you make at least 180 posts in August.  Our top posters from June and July also automatically qualify.

The giveaway period has started as of midnight UTC on August 1st.

Check the full giveaway details for more information, or view the latest announcements on the forum.

Good luck to everyone!

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