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By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on May 2, 2018

Late last year, we lost Rupert, a passionate Pentaxian who became a dear friend to much of the Pentax Forums community over the course of more than 11 years as a member.  Rupert had been a big part of PF since the start; he originally joined just one day after we launched the site.

To honor his memory, we launched a special memorial photo contest back in February with Rupert's favorite subject matter as the theme: "Backyard Wild Animals".  Since then we saw some 200 submissions by 155 users.  All of these wonderful photos reminded us of Rupert's fun and positive spirit. If you'd like to see them all, feel free to browse the submissions in the special gallery or directly on the forum.

Today, we're excited to announce the contest winners!  While our judges were of course looking at photographic merit, more importantly these photos embody Rupert's style of capturing pictures of wildlife frequenting his back yard.


All our judges agree that this photo was undeniably something that Rupert would love.  Thus, Pearsaab is our winner and the recipient of the Otis Memorial Pentaxian forum account upgrade, featuring unlimited attachment space to share photos.  Pearsaab adds:

"Every time I see a squirrel I think of Rupert. He brought so much fun and laughter to the forum and will be immensely missed. I have no doubt he is chasing squirrels and making heaven a better place. Rupert will always be in our thoughts!!!"

"No other picture would do justice" by pearsaab

2nd Place

"Shooting through" flowers gives this photo a very special look that could be common in a backyard setting.  Robg, our runner-up, will also be receiving the same forum account upgrade.

Crimson Rosella by RobG

Runners Up

Our runners up are in alphabetical order- also phenomenal photos!  Click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

Hanging Out by Babywriter

Rainbow Lorkeet by Cee Cee

Chillin by kwaller

"No no! I see you!!" by Outlander

"Wildlife collared bush robin in Mount Ali" by Pentaxians

Waxwing by Swip

Greenfinch by Ventaxian

Honorable Mentions

And finally, these honorable mentions stood out to our judges as having a wonderful composition.

In Memory of Rupert by Tamia

Backyard Hummingbird by Artesian

We'd like to thank the community for the tremendous level of enthusiasm and support that went into this contest.  These photos will surely touch the hearts of not just Rupert's close forum friends, but also his wife and family.

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