There's something special about that lens: Photo contest series

By MSL in Giveaways and Events on Feb 6, 2021

Got a 15 bladed bokeh monster or swirly dreamy bokeh? How about a lens that produces starbursts? A super sharp lens? Super color rendering straight out of the camera? How about a fish-eye and the perspective it offers? Got a zoom lens you think can outperform a prime at a specific focal length? This is your chance to show it off, push it to its limits and celebrate the uniqueness of a lens.

Enter a photo in the contest

Our new monthly photo contest series is your perfect chance to show off "Something Special about that Lens". Each month a new contest will be started with a unique focal length range for the month. It is your chance to to submit a photo with a brief description of what it is that you think makes the lens special. So, pull out those hidden gems, and show them off!  Prizes will be awarded to each monthly winner.

In February, you can enter photos taken at 20mm or less.  This means that any photo taken with a 20mm prime (or wider) would be eligible, as well as any photo from a zoom set to 20mm or wider.  Challenge yourself to take a new photo during the submission period.

Not a fan of ultra-wide lenses?  In March, we will be moving up to 21-27mm, followed by 28-39mm in April.  See the full schedule here.

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