World Pentax Day: Book and Upcoming 6/23 Event

The WPD Book will be out soon; Saturday, June 23rd is the next WPD

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jun 7, 2012
World Pentax Day: Book and Upcoming 6/23 Event

The next World Pentax Day is coming up on Saturday, June 23rd, so be sure to mark your calendars!  This event is open to all our members and is a great way to spend your weekend taking pictures or meeting up with other photographers in your area!  Once you're done shooting, show us your part of your world by uploading your favorite photos to the World Pentax Day gallery!

Last World Pentax Day, we also announced that we would be publishing a book featuring some of our members' favorite photos from that event.  We are happy to say that the book is now in final editing stages, and will be available via later this month, so stay tuned!  We will also be giving away a few copies of the book to the photographers featured within it.

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The goal of World Pentax Day is to create a snapshot of the world through the eyes of Pentax camera users.  A World Pentax Day event is held no more than once every season, and we try to vary the dates so that seasons are represented equally across the globe.  For each event, our users upload up to five photos taken between between midnight and midnight on World Pentax Day (in their respective timezones) to a collective gallery.  Uploads close two weeks after each event, and a permanent record of that day is thus created in the gallery.  World Pentax Day is hosted exclusively by and endorsed by Pentax in the US and UK.

For more information on World Pentax Day, please visit the WPD Homepage.

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