World Pentax Day: February 4th, 2012

All day in your local timezone - open to everyone - go out and shoot!

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jan 3, 2012

We're happy to announce that the next (11th) installment of World Pentax Day will take place on Saturday, February 4th, 2012, all day, in your local timezone.

World Pentax Day is an event open to everyone in which you simply go out and shoot, and then post your favorite photos in the special event gallery.  Thus, in just one day our community can paint a snapshot of what the world looks like through the lenses of Pentax cameras for all our members to enjoy!

The rules are simple! The photos you upload must:

  • Be taken with a Pentax camera (or a rebadged clone)
  • Be taken on February 4th, 2012 in your timezone
  • Have a filesize no larger than 1Mb* (there are no constraints on resolution)

The event gallery will open on February 4th and you will be able to upload for up to two weeks after the event, meaning that the gallery will close to submissions on February 18th.

Once the gallery opens, you will be able to click here to upload.  We ask that you don't upload more than 5 photos. If you don't already have a account, please create one so that you can participate- it's free!

Our last world Pentax day event was held during June of last year, and it saw over 2,500 submissions.  Let's beat that this year!  Click here to browse last year's gallery. If you are a Facebook user, we invite you to RSVP on Facebook.  If not, you can still follow the event on our event calendar and request an e-mail event reminder.

RSVP on Facebook

This year, we will be creating a special World Pentax Day Book- read on for details!

Since the goal of the event is to show what the world looked like on February 4th, we recommend that your photos are somehow representative of the part of the world you live in, though this is not a firm requirement.  We also ask that you share the location of each photo, if possible - you do not have to be specific.  Finally, we prefer that all EXIF be left intact so that we know the photo was taken on February 4th.

Rather than doing a random prize giveaway, this year we decided to do something special: compile a book containing the top World Pentax Day images.  Once the event gallery closes, the event committee will nominate a series of photos which best represent the spirit of the event.  Then, we will contact the authors of each photo and ask them for permission to publish their photos.  If you do not want to have your photo featured, you're welcome to opt out.  Once we publish the book (likely via Blurb), the top featured photographers will receive a free copy!  Other members will be able to purchase the book for a limited time, and we may also give away more copies of the books as prizes later on.

We are looking forward to seeing you partake in this World Pentax Day!

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When should I take pictures for the event?

  • All photos for this World Pentax Day must be taken on February 4th, 2012

When can I upload my photos?

  • Event photos may be uploaded between February 4th and 18th, 2012

Where can I upload my photos?

How many photos can I upload?

  • We ask that you upload no more than 5 photos

Are there any filesize limits?

  • Each file should be no larger than 1Mb*, even though there are no image resolution limits

Do I need an account to participate?

  • Yes, you need a free forum account.  Create one now so you're ready for World Pentax Day!

How much will be World Pentax Day Book cost?

  • The price is TBA, but we know it won't include any markup!

When is the next World Pentax Day?

  • We expect to host the next event during the summer of 2012

Where can I discuss the event?

Are there any other restrictions on submitted photos?

  • They must be taken with a Pentax camera (or clone), and we ask that you include EXIF and location information.  Further image descriptions and stories are welcome!
  • Film photos are perfecly acceptable - don't worry about EXIF in that case, but we ask you include the camera model and location in the appropriate files while uploading

As with any event, there is fine print:

  • No purchase necessary to participate
  • All entries must be taken on February 4th, 2012 in your time zone
  • The event gallery closes at the end of the day EST on February 18th.
  • After the event gallery closes you will no longer be able to edit your submissions and we reserve the right to keep them on permanent display in the gallery
  • By agreeing to have your photo published in the World Pentax Day Book, you grant the World Pentax Day committee the right to edit your photo and/or include your forum username as well as information about where it was taken and what camera or lens was used.
  • Photographers featured in the World Pentax Day book will have the option of placing a copyright notice on their images as well as a link back to their personal web sites
  • Once published, 10 free copies of the World Pentax Day Book will be given away to the members who took the best photos.  Subject to change.
  • The World Pentax Book will be available for sale for a limited time after the end of this World Pentax Day.
  • Event sponsored by and promoted by and PENTAX Ricoh of America

*Site supporters have an increased filesize limit of 1.5Mb

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