World Pentax Day is Coming Up!

February 4th, 2012

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jan 28, 2012

We'd like to remind everyone that next Saturday, February 4th, 2012 is World Pentax Day.

During this event, we'd like to invite you to go out and shoot, as a large part of the community will do the same.  Then, you'll be able to share photos from your part of the world in a collective gallery, and create a snapshot of the world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras.

So, mark your calendars and go out and shoot next Saturday!  Note: all World Pentax Day photos must be taken on the 4th in your time zone.  Photos from any other day can't go in the gallery!

Pentax eBooks

Full details can be found here.

The event gallery, to which you can upload starting on the 4th, has already been created, and if you would like a reminder prior to the event, please sign up for an e-mail reminder or RSVP on Facebook.

We are looking forward to an exciting World Pentax Day!

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