World Pentax Day is Today, 6/23!

World Pentax Day #12: June 23, 2012

By PF Staff in Giveaways and Events on Jun 23, 2012

To all members:  Today, Saturday, June 23rd 2012, is World Pentax Day!

The goal of World Pentax Day is to create a snapshot of the world through the eyes of Pentax camera users.  A World Pentax Day event is held no more than once every season, and we try to vary the dates so that seasons are represented equally accross the globe.  For each event, our users upload up to five photos taken between between midnight and midnight on World Pentax Day (in their respective timezones) to a collective gallery.  Uploads close two weeks after each event, and a permanent record of that day is thus created in the gallery.  World Pentax Day is hosted exclusively by and endorsed by Pentax in the US and UK. The event gallery for today's event is found here: June 23rd, 2012 World Pentax Day Gallery.

So, be sure to go out and shoot today, and then upload your 5 favorite photos to the gallery above!  If you've never participated in World Pentax Day, then have no fear!  The event is open to everyone, and it's a great incentive to go out and put your camera to use!

As always, there's fine print associated with every event.  First of all, all the photos you enter must be taken today and with a Pentax camera, film or digital.  Although it is not required, we ask that you leave the EXIF intact for all digital photos.  The event gallery will close to uploads on July 8th, and after that time it will no longer be possible to add photos or modify photos in the gallery.  You are limited to uploading 5 photos per event, and each photo must fit within the gallery size limit (1Mb-2Mb depending on your forum account type).

After the event ends, we may put together a World Pentax Day book as we did for the previous event.  Should your photo be nominated for the book, you will be asked for explicit permission prior to its publication.  In addition, if you are featured in the book you will entered in a drawing to win a free copy for you to keep!

You can read more about World Pentax Day here, or visit the complete WPD gallery to browse photos from prior events.  We also invite you to rate your favorite photos by using the star system in the gallery!

Without further ado, now it's your turn- go out and shoot, and then upload your photos for the community to enjoy!  Have a happy World Pentax Day!

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