My Favorite Lens: the Pentax DA 21mm Limited

By bdery in Favorite Lenses on Oct 22, 2011
My Favorite Lens: the Pentax DA 21mm Limited

When I think about that question, the lens that always comes to mind is the DA21 Limited.

It's not my most-used lens. It's not my sharpest even though it's close. It doesn't have the smoothest bokeh. It's not my widest nor my longest lens. It's not my fastest lens.

But the colours, oh the colours! The colours I get when using this lens are amazing. It seems to expand the dynamic range of my camera somehow. I can always spot the pictures taken with that lens without looking at the EXIF data. It just has that little something.

The focal length and size also make it a formidable lens to carry if I can't/don't want to bring multiple lenses. The AF is extremely reliable and fast (especially for an f3.2 lens) and the quick-shift, even though seldom used, if a neat feature. The aesthetics of the lens are also up there with the best.

The lens gets used for general (and especially low-light) walkarounds, for landscapes and often for night panoramas. Sometimes I use it for wide studio views but it's almost too sharp for this use. It makes a great low-light team with the F50 f1,7 and if needed the DFA 100 WR macro.

I now have a very well balanced kit, with excellent lenses covering various purposes. But the DA21 Limited is probably the one I look at the most lovingly.

Flower 21mm Pentax

More info about the DA 21mm

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