My Favorite Lens: the Pentax M 50mm F1.7

By GabrielFFontes in Favorite Lenses on Oct 22, 2011
My Favorite Lens: the Pentax M 50mm F1.7

My favorite lens is the Pentax-M 50mm F1.7. Yeah, I know its a simple and cheap lens, but that doesn't matter. You can create stunning super-sharp images with it. But it isn't all about sharpness. The solid metal feeling leaves no doubts : its built like a tank. I can use it for anything, and when i attach it to my camera, then this lens become my eye. And its a superhero eye!
This little tank can be used for anything. I can walk around with it with no problems, take some portraits, use for street photography...anything! I bought on eBay for $40. I couldn't have spent the money better. The manual focus is amazing. When you hit the shutter button, and review the pic you know its yours. You made that. Manually. (well, not entirely, but that's ok).

Texture. That's it.

Raining colors.

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