Jelly Fish

By PF Staff in Favorite Photos on Jan 13, 2013

I chose this photo to share because it is a personal favorite of my own work.  I'm a novice enthusiast. My Pentax K-r is my first DSLR and for that matter my first SLR - I had always used point and shoot cameras prior to owning it.  I've come to the for information and the camaraderie and support - what a great bunch here.  I made the shot I'm sharing while participating in May 2012 "Single In" Challenge - Truly one of the hardest working groups on the forum if I might say so myself.  I used accessories, a creative eye, and some rudimentary photo editing.

This is also a favorite photo for me because it has the appearance of a jelly fish that might be found in the Pacific Ocean near where I grew up.  It is a reminder from home that I created in my front yard.

Now on to how I made the shot.  

The Story of "Clouded Waters"

By PF Staff in Favorite Photos on Jan 10, 2013

The Story

My wife and I had just survived one of those "one bad thing after another" periods and badly needed a break. So we broke the piggy bank and headed for Mohonk Mountain House, the only place we know of within driving distance that can take you totally out of your life. We brought our cameras because the grounds and structures present untold photo opportunities.

Bermuda K-x HDR

By PF Staff in Favorite Photos on Jan 9, 2013

I have always liked this picture, partly because I like the way it came out, and partly because it reminds me of a very nice day in Bermuda with my wife (I know this may be doubly redundant).

I shot this with my Pentax K-x and DA-L 18-55 lens, zoomed all the way out to 18mm. I have a bad habit of leaving my tripod at home, so I put the camera on a deck railing. Of course, I believe the K-30 allows you to shoot HDR handheld... I shot at 1/100 second, f20, ISO 200, using Daylight White Balance.

Stag-beetle In Flight

By PF Staff in Favorite Photos on Jan 9, 2013

Flying stag-beetle (print version, resized)
Click image for a large version

First I have to say that due to my photographic greenhornship, I do not have my own style or technique yet. I shoot everything that is not sensible enaugh to hide before my camera. I am one happy shooter. This fact has made choosing the picture for the competition harder. I have lots of inconsistent shots with different themes (and quality), but I am not sure if any of them really stands out. Threfore I have chosen the one I like the most for the memory of the moment (but which is not a sentimental family portrait or something like that).

So here is the story!

Shooting a Kangaroo with the K20D

By PF Staff in Favorite Photos on Jan 7, 2013

My favourite photo must be the one taken with my first (3 month old then) DSLR, the Pentax (one and only so far) K20D on 9.01.2009 at precisely 18:41:51 AWDT Eastern Australian Time.

Why did I pick this particular  photo? Hmmm…… every time I look at it, brings a smile to my face and to everyone who has seen this photo. It happened on my first “DSLR camera shooting” vacation. PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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