Predjama Castle

By PF Staff in Favorite Photos on Jan 23, 2013

When I was thinking which photo would be suitable to write about how it was done I thought of a photo that made people ask me that question more than any other. Even though it didn't require any special photographic techniques or post processing I picked a photo of Predjama castle:

1. Predjama castle from birds perspective

The Predjama castle is very popular tourist attraction in these parts and needless to say there are many photos of it. Not just by tourist but by professionals as well (promotion material). What makes this photo so special is that it was shoot from a never before seen angle. All pictures are taken from ground level and look something like this:

2. Predjama castle from ground level

In the above picture you can see a hint about equipment used to take this photo. Settings used:

  • ISO 400
  • F 7.1
  • T 1/200
  • file RAW

Equipment used:

This picture was taken at the cave rescue exercise for novice rescuers that was organized on a cliff at the Predjama castle. A part of that exercise was also a rope that was stretched from the cliff to a tree 200m away (as seen on pictures 2 and 4).

3. Cave rescuer escorting stretcher down the stretched rope
4. Rope stretched from cliff to a tree as seen from the cliff
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Even though I'm member of cave rescue team I had no part in this exercise. I attended it anyway  to take some pictures of my team mates in action. As the exercise was over I descended over the stretched rope and realized that I have never seen Predjama castle from this perspective. Needless to say I had to take pictures.

- Matjazz

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