SDXC support for the K-x and K-7 - new firmwares!

Firmware 1.02 and 1.11 now available for the K-x and K-7

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Jan 13, 2011

Pentax has just released new firmware for the K-x and K-7 DSLRs: version 1.02 for the K-x, and version 1.11 for the K-7.  This firmware update adds SDXC support for these cameras, just like last week's update did for Pentax's latest bodies.

To download the new firmware, please vist the Pentax Japan web site: K-x | K-7

As usual, links to the latest firmware for all Pentax DSLRs are found at the bottom of our camera comparison system.

SDXC stands for "SD eXtreme Capacity", which is a series of very high capacity memory cards currently available in 48Gb and 64GB sizes.

A 64Gb SDXC card from SanDisk current costs about $200.

Pentax K-5/K-r/645D Firmware Updates Officially Released

SDXC Card compatibility, improved AF performance, Bulb improvements

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Jan 6, 2011

Pentax Japan has just officially made availble firmware version 1.02 for the K-5, which, as promised, introduces SDXC (SD Extreme Capacity) memory card compatibility.  It also features improvements to the contrast-detection (live view) AF system and allows users to select any ISO while in bulb mode.  The complete feature list, as stated on the Pentax website, follows:

  • Compatible with SDXC memory card.
  • All ISO sensitivity setting can be used on Bulb mode.
  • Improved functional sequence for Contrast AF and improved total speed until in focus.

As all other firmware updates, version 1.02 also includes the updates made in version 1.01 (of note here is the larger buffer for continuous RAW shooting).

To download the new K-5 firmware, please proceed to Pentax Japan.  The update procedure is fairly quick and should only take about five minutes. 

Pentax also released firmware version 1.01 for the K-r, which includes the same changes as the new K-5 firmware. The 645D likewise got a firmware update; however, its new firmware only features the addition of SDXC compatibility. 

Follow these instructions to update your camera:

  • Download and extract the firmware update from the Pentax website
  • Copy the .bin file to the root of your camera's SD card
  • Insert the card into the camera
  • Make sure that your camera is fully charged
  • Press and hold the MENU button, then power on your camera
  • Follow the on-screen prompt to update your camera
  • Once COMPLETE is displayed on your LCD screen, it's safe to power down
  • Turn on your camera normally
  • To check your firmware version, turn your camera on while holding the MENU button

Pentax K-5 Firmware v1.01 Update Released

Firmware 1.01 now available for download!

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Nov 18, 2010

Pentax has recently launched the rumored firmware update for the K-5 on their Japanese web site.  The download is available to all K-5 users:

This update increases the K-5's continuous shooting buffer for RAW files from 8 to up to 22 frames.  It also introduces minor stability fixes.

To install the update, run the appropriate executable above, which will extract the firmware file to your hard drive.  Next, copy Fwdc209b.bin to a formatted SD card, insert it into your K-5, and make sure that your camera is fully charged.  To start the update, power on your camera while holding the "Menu" button, and follow on-screen prompts.

Firmware Upgrade for Pentax K-5

Increases RAW buffer capacity to approximately 20 frames

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Oct 30, 2010

Pentax has announced a firmware update that increases the buffer capacity when shooting RAW from 8 to approximately 20 frames. Read about it here:

Read the official Pentax K-5 Firmware Announcement

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