Image Sync adds GR III Tethering Support

Full wi-fi functionality now available

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Aug 13, 2019
Image Sync adds GR III Tethering Support

Ricoh Imaging has now released an update (v2.0.5) to the Image Sync app to finally enable the full range of wi-fi functionality with the GR III which was not available at launch.  With this update, you will now be able to shoot remotely, see live view, and change camera settings over wi-fi. 

To connect wirelessly to the GR III, download Image Sync from either Google Play or the Apple App store. You will also need to have firmware v1.10 or newer installed on your camera. More information can be found on the official Image Sync web site.

Note that Bluetooth functionality is still being worked on and should not be used with this version of the app.

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