New DSLR Firmware Released (v1.13/12/03)

for Pentax 645D, K-5, K-7, K-r and K-x

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Mar 1, 2012
New DSLR Firmware Released (v1.13/12/03)

Pentax just announced new firmware for their current and recent models. Here are the links to the downloads:

Pentax 645D firmware version 1.13

Pentax K-5 firmware version 1.13

Pentax K-7 firmware version 1.12

Pentax K-r firmware version 1.12

Pentax K-x firmware version 1.03

The only change according to Pentax is improved reliability when writing to SDXC type memory cards. Read on for installation instructions.

In order to upgrade your Pentax DSLR firmware, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the firmware ZIP file using the links above (The "Mac version" is simply a ZIP file, wheras the Windows version is a self-extracting .exe file.  We recommend just using the "Mac version" regardless of your OS)
  2. Unzip the zip file to a folder of your choosing
  3. Locate the extracted .BIN file and copy it to the root of a formatted SD card
  4. Insert the card into your camera and ensure it is fully charged
  5. Turn the camera power on while pressing the Menu button
  6. Select "Yes"at the firmware prompt
  7. Once the screen displays "Complete", turn off your camera
  8. Power your camera back on and resume normal use
  9. In order to verify that the firmware update was successful, hold the menu button while powering your camera on.  The screen should indicate version 1.x, where x is the latest version number for your camera, as listed above.  You should then power off your camera and resume normal use.

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