Pentax 645D Firmware 1.02

New features for Pentax's medium-format DSLR

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Mar 10, 2011
Pentax 645D Firmware 1.02

Alongside the K-5 1.03 firmware update, Pentax has also released new firmware for the 645D.

Firmware 1.02 includes the following:

  • Time remaining during Noise Reduction is shown on the LCD
  • In X-mode, the flash sync speed can now be set via the custom function menu
  • The camera will now appear as "645D" rather than "Removable Disk" during USB mode
  • An extended auto-power-off setting for mirror lock-up has been added
  • Changes from firmware 1.01: SDXC support

Download 645D Firmware 1.02 & instructions

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