Pentax FluCard Firmware Update

Adds K-S1 support and improves stability

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Sep 5, 2014
Pentax FluCard Firmware Update

Pentax has just released a firmware update for the O-FC1 FluCard tethering solution: V00.01.00.01 (card) and V00.01.00.02 (contents).  This is the second update released for the card.

Officially, this firmware update adds support for the Pentax K-S1 and includes stability improvements / bug fixes. 

Following the first firmware update, many Pentax K-3 users on our forum reported sudden compatibility issues with various devices.   We have not yet verified whether or not this update has resolved these issues.

Head over to the Japanese Pentax web site to download the FluCard update and obtain installation instructions.

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