Pentax K-5 II/IIs Firmware v1.06 Released

Fixes instability introduced in v1.05

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Oct 3, 2013
Pentax K-5 II/IIs Firmware v1.06 Released

Pentax (officially Ricoh Imaging) have just released a maintenance firmware release for the Pentax K-5 II/IIs that resolves an instability introduced in version 1.05.  The previous firmware version was released some three weeks ago.

The latest firmware update, as always, is cumulative.  This means that all features from versions 1.00 - 1.05 are included in 1.06 for those not yet running 1.05.

The Pentax K-5 II/IIs current have a $200 instant rebate and are available for $899 and $999, respectively.  You may download the latest K-5 II/IIs firmware here or read on for installation instructions.

Pentax K-5 II/IIs Firmware Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download the firmware ZIP file corresponding to your camera here
  2. Extract the file to a folder of your choosing
  3. Locate the extracted .BIN file and copy it to the root (top level i.e. outside of any folder) of a formatted SD card
  4. Insert the card into your camera and ensure it is fully charged
  5. Turn the camera power on while pressing the MENU button
  6. Select "Yes"at the firmware prompt
  7. Once the screen displays "Complete", turn off your camera
  8. Power your camera back on and resume normal use
  9. In order to verify that the firmware update was successful, hold the menu button while powering your camera on.  The screen should indicate the latest version.  You should then power off your camera and resume normal use.

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