Pentax Q10 Firmware 1.01 Released

Stability improvements

By PF Staff in Firmware Updates on Feb 14, 2013
Pentax Q10 Firmware 1.01 Released

Pentax has just released a firmware update (v1.01) for the Q10 which fixes minor bugs related to general stability and AF speed.

Pentax Q10 Firmware Download Link (

We encourage you to update to the latest firmware to ensure the best possible stability and performance.  Read on for instructions on how to install the firmware!

Pentax Q10 firmware update instructions:

  • Download the firmware ZIP file linked above
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP and locate the FWDC601P.BIN file
  • Copy the file to the root (top level) of your SD card and insert the card into your camera
  • Ensure that your camera is fully charged, then power it on
  • Press the menu button to access the menu screen
  • Using the 4-way controller, go to the set up (3) menu tab
  • Select the firmware version info option
  • Press the right button on the 4-way controller and select "start" to begin the upgrade
  • Wait until the display indicates "COMPLETE".  The camera will then power itself off after 5 seconds
  • Resume normal use.  You can also go back to the firmware menu to verify that the version number has changed.

Important: do not turn your camea off while the upgrade is in progress, and do not remove the lens.

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