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Overview of new customization features

By PF Staff in Gear Guides on Mar 11, 2016

The Pentax K-1 is the first DSLR from Pentax to feature a LCD overlay in the viewfinder.  Thanks to this, not only are autofocus points displayed more clearly, but if multiple points report being in focus simultaneously, they can all be shown.  In addition, a number of other viewfinder components can be shown and customized.  See the video below for a demonstration of the K-1's viewfinder features:

The diagram below depicts the K-1's viewfinder with everything visible:

Pentax K-1 Viewfinder Diagram
Pentax K-1 Viewfinder Diagram

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These components can all be customized through the fifth tab of the camera's record menu.  The user has the option to enable or disable the following independently of each other:

Pentax K-1 Viewfinder CustomizationViewfinder customization sub-menu

The crop frame is shown in the viewfinder whenever the camera enters crop mode, whether it be manually or automatically.  The crop mode can be toggled via the camera's Quick Dial, control panel, or main menu.  By default, DA lenses will automatically trigger the crop mode.

C2 menu tab allows viewfinder light customization

Lastly, a red LED light will by default briefly flash to illuminate the whole viewfinder LCD in low ambient light.  This happens whenever the AF system is enabled.  The light can be enabled or disabled via the second tab of the custom function menu.  When the light comes on, the viewfinder might look something like this:

Pentax K-1 Viewfinder IlluminatedPentax K-1 viewfinder (illuminated)

It is pleasing to see the impressive level of modernization that has made its way into the K-1's viewfinder.  The new LCD works very similarly to existing industry leaders such as Nikon's flagships, and we are confident that future K-1 owners will enjoy it.

While existing Pentax literature suggests that the K-1's focusing screen is not interchangeable, after a look at the screen itself, it appears to be mounted just like the interchangeable focusing screen in other Pentax DSLRs.  The use of a focusing screen better suited for manual focusing is therefore conceivable.

Learn more about the Pentax K-1:

The Pentax K-1 is available for $1796.95 in the US.  Follow these links to pre-order the K-1 and support the forum:

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