A Soft Spot for Pentax Cameras

By PF Staff in Influential Photo Gear on Dec 23, 2012

I didn't know much about photography but I quickly realized after starting a blog that I needed a camera that was versatile and could take excellent photos.  I already possessed a recent model digital camera and didn't want to spend a lot of money for another camera.  I began searching the Internet.  After two weeks, one sentence of a review caught my attention, "The Pentax SLR camera's sensor is equal to the (Major Brand) SLR camera at half the price." I immediately began my search for Pentax cameras and was on the Forum's site within hours!  It's interesting I never ended up on any of the other Big Name camera forums in my weeks of searching.

In one hour I knew more about Pentax SLR cameras than in two weeks of reading SLR camera reviews. You guys are awesome!!  Pentax Camera Company, you are awesome!!

Within a short period of time I realized I could use my Dad's old analog camera lenses!  My Dad had passed and the camera was given to me but no one knew how to use it. It lay forgotten, hidden in a dark closet for years.

Everything suddenly came full circle. I was flooded with memories... I saw my Uncle Packy, with a camera hung around his neck, gone now, the first to purchase a Pentax SLR camera and my Dad, so many years ago, pointing to a picture in the catalog and saying "This is the camera your Uncle bought, since he knows what he's doing I'll buy one too."  I immediately checked out the member’s sales area and within a week had a Pentax K20D within my possession.  

I'm feeling more confident every day and learning about all the features of my Pentax camera.  I am constantly amazed at the color depth and light when editing my photos, some look like they are in HD!  At first I was hesitant to use my camera I had pictures to take and it seemed very different from my other camera.  It sat in the box for two months.  Finally one day, after seeing another bloggers fantastic SLR photos and feeling envious, I took the recommendations of the Pentax Forum and just started taking pictures.  I found it was much easier to operate than I expected and I soon had a collection of great pictures.

I am on a journey that started with a blog and has become a passion.  I have Pentax to thank, not only am I having a lot of fun with a camera that is capable and the possibilities endless - I feel closer to my Uncle and know a side of him I never knew before, even though he is no longer here.  Sometimes I sit for hours editing my photos and fondly remember my Dad and Uncle, knowing they would be proud I have carried on the Pentax family tradition.

- captureit




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