My Galaxy Nexus

By PF Staff in Influential Photo Gear on Dec 11, 2012

Hello! I have never had any high end photography equipment, and if fact, I have never really been into photography. One device changed that. It wasn't even a dedicated camera... It was the camera on my phone. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Galaxy Nexus is an Android phone. It has a beautiful 4.65 inch, 1280 x 720 "Super AMOLED" display. This means that the display is very crisp and that the colours are amazingly vibrant (almost too vibrant...) It also has a dual core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz. But let's get to the part everyone here actually cares about, the camera.

The camera is a 5 MP camera. It focuses very fast and has almost no shutter lag. But that isn't what impressed me. What impressed me was how much more control I had over previous, cheap P&S cameras I've used. I could control the exposure, white balance (not just auto WB,) and even store the location in my images if I wanted to. I could even do some PP on the phone itself! While this isn't much control, it was more control than most P&S cameras had ever given me. In low light, it is bit ridiculously noisy, but for the most part, this camera works very well.


As you can see, this phone has a very impressive camera. It is a pleasure to use. It is so pleasurable to use in fact, that I use the camera more than any other function on the phone! I have found that this camera to be a great camera to use even with its shortcomings. Now I'm just hoping to get a DSLR to expand what I can do...

- SpartanD63

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