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Greetings, My name is Jack Powers and I am from Wichita, Kansas.  I am a retired Respiratory Therapist and Educator from Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton, Oklahoma. Married to my wife Pam of 43 years and raised two children.  Our youngest Allen passed away in 2009 but left our family with a beautiful gift, our 5 y/o grandson Rowdy.

My first digital camera was a Casio followed by three Sony Cybershot point & shoot cameras.  I moved to a DSLR in 2009 when I bought the Pentax K20D which was recommended by a good friend of mine.  I got to say that my life changed when I got the Pentax.  I loved everything about it and still do.  Having the ability two change lenses as your requirements change is an outstanding plus.

Figure 1: OP/TECHUSA camera strap, an idea replacement for standard/thin neck straps

On to my choice of the item that has been most influential with my photography and that would have to be my camera sling strap.  Using the strap that came with the camera proved to add stress to my neck when I wore it due to the weight of the camera pulling downward.  I tried slipping it over my shoulder but found it to be uncomfortable and not in a good position to grabbing it to capture a photo.  I had done some searching on the net and found several brands like the Black Rapid strap but the cost was prohibitive to my budget. Checked out a local camera shop and found one for $25.00 from OP/TECHUSA and WOW!! What a difference.  There is no longer any stress on my neck and when I need to take a picture the camera is already at hand level and I can quickly grab it then sliding it up to my eye to take the shot. The quality of the Pentax K20D speaks for itself but now when I'm out shooting my comfort level is much better and can stay out for longer periods of time.

In conclusion I would say that the sling strap is like an extension of my arm and when time comes to grab that shot I get it with seconds to spare and with no neck aches & pains, allowing me more time outside to enjoy my photography and my Pentax.

- jpowersrrt




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