The Perfect Gear: K-5 + 18-135mm

By PF Staff in Influential Photo Gear on Dec 2, 2012

My name is Christian. I'm 44 years old and from Germany. My first DSLR I bought in January 2010, because I like to shoot pictures and I thought now it´s  time for the next level in photo equipment. So I decided to move forward from a Casio 4000 and FujiS9500 to an entry level DSLR, the Pentax K-x. In the first month´s with this new camera I learned a lot about the technical aspects of a DSLR and the basics for photography. The K-x has served me well over the months and in July 2011 I felt that the options  of the K-x are limiting me. So it was time to upgrade to the Pentax K-5. These are the milestones I traveled to learn more about the photography world.

The K-x already was a good camera, but the Pentax K-5 is the better gear. The K-5 and all her options allows to shoot great pictures at any time  of the day. One of my interests is travelling. With the K-5 and the DA 18-135 I got the perfect combination for all kind of weather situations.

This year I travelled in the USA to several National Parks like the Yellowstone or Arches National Park. I had perfect weather in these  parks, so there were no big challenges for my K-5, except the sunrise  and sunset pictures.

The  real challenge for the K-5 was coming in a small State Park named  Goblin Valley. It was a sunny, but a very windy day. Inside of the  Goblin Valley the heavy wind was more a light sandstorm and a lot of sand was in the air. But all the  “Goblins” are an incredible scenery and a heaven for photographers (at least for me).  With the K-5 and the DA 18-135mm I didn't care about all the sand in the  air. I just discovered this beautiful state park and shoot my pictures.

At  the same time my wife was equipped with my old K-x. She stopped to use the  camera after some minutes, after she realized that the wheel is not  turning smooth anymore by all the fine sand in the air. My K-5 was not affected at all. And that is why I like the K-5 so much, there is almost no situation I can´t shoot pictures.

Here some impressions from this amazing Goblin Valley. I especially like the last one, which I name "ET didn't go home".


The Pentax K-5 is for me so far the best gear for picture shooting. In the combination with the DA 18-135 it can be used in any kind of weather situation. For me the this is the best combination for traveling.

PS: If you are interested to see the best pictures from this trip, please feel free to have a look to my picasa account.


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