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By PF Staff in Site Information on Feb 19, 2012

Welcome to the home of World Pentax Day at PentaxForums.com!  Here you can learn all about the event and join in on the excitement.  Read on for more about World Pentax Day, or click here to go straight to the gallery!

For the latest World Pentax Day announcements, also be sure to check our Pentax Events news page.

Next event date: Monday-Wednesday, September 6-8th, 2016 *anniversary event*
Most recent even
t: Friday-Sunday, May 6-8th 2016

World Pentax Day - The Ultimate Pentax Event

What is World Pentax Day?

The idea behind World Pentax Day is very simple.  Each year, the PentaxForums.com staff designates two or three days for the World Pentax Day event.  On each of these days, Pentax users have the opportunity to go out and shoot, and then upload their favorite photos to a special collective event gallery.  Thus, together, we paint a snapshot of the world through the "eyes" of Pentax cameras! From time to time, we may add a twist to each event, such as a hosting an additional giveaway or making a photo book.  Best of all, World Pentax Day is open to everyone!  Photos submitted to our gallery must be taken with a Pentax camera and on the day designated as World Pentax Day, however.

Starting in 2016, each World Pentax Day will be accompanied by an interactive map view.

World Pentax Day was formerly known as "Pentaxium".

World Pentax Day Book

A book featuring our members' favorite photos from the February, 2012 WPD was published in June, 2012.  Learn more or order a copy now!

How Can I Participate?

The steps are quite simple:

  • Go out and take some pictures with your Pentax on the designated date
  • Create a free PentaxForums forum account if you don't already have one
  • Navigate to the World Pentax Day gallery and select the category corresponding to the current event
  • Click on the "upload" link and upload your photos
  • Share your photos on the forum, Facebook, or elsewhere!

We also encourage group shoots, so if you know other Pentaxians in your area, why not arrange a meet-up?  Furthermore, if you'd like to request an e-mail reminder prior to the event, you may do so by browsing to the date of the event on our calendar and clicking on the appropriate link on the event info page.

Past Event Dates

Below you will find links to the past World Pentax Day event galleries.

World Pentax Day Rules

These rules apply to all events.

  • All photos submitted must be taken on the exact date of the current World Pentax Day.  Times in your local timezone apply
  • EXIF data should be left intact for digital photos
  • EXIF data need not be available for film photos (but do indicate what camera you used using the appropriate field)
  • Make sure all photos uploaded are smaller than 1.5Mb in file size
  • There are no restrictions on resolution as long as you fit within the file size limit
  • All photos must be taken with Pentax cameras (no lens restrictions apply)
  • Please include the location as well as a brief description of each photo
  • You may upload photos up to 14 days after each World Pentax Day.  After that, you will no longer to be able to upload more or make edits to your photos
  • A limited number of photos per user can be uploaded.  Depending on the event, the limit may be 3-7 photos

We hope to see you at the next World Pentax Day!  Discuss World Pentax Day on the forum.




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