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By PF Staff in Site Information on Aug 7, 2011

Founded in early September, 2006, PentaxForums.com is a Pentax community and resource site dedicated to providing a friendly, useful, and feature-packed forum for its members. Our mission is to become the ultimate Pentax resource and forum on the Internet, and educate our users about photography as well as current and past Pentax equipment. In addition to offering a feature-packed forum, PentaxForums.com also offers free photo space for all its members in the User Photo Gallery, as well as other valuable resources, such as the Lens Review Database and Pentax Camera Database that delve deeper into the world of Pentax equipment.

Our philosophy is to place our users above all else.  In using PentaxForums.com, you will notice that the finest attention has been given to site usability, performance, and content.  We regularly introduce new features and site sections, many of which are made possible by the generous donations of our users.  PentaxForums.com is powered by custom-written software and vBulletin, one of the most powerful forum systems on the web.

We hope you enjoy your stay on PentaxForums.com, the friendliest photography forum on the web!

The Editors

PentaxForums.com is managed by editor-in-chief and administrator Adam Oest, who is also in charge of the publishing and editing of all homepage news stories and in-depth pentax equipment reviewsOle Oest is a full-time staff editor in charge of monthly photo competitions and event coverage.  They are both passionate Pentax users and experienced photographers.

Numerous other forum members and staff writers also make regular contributions to our homepage.  Our forum is overseen by a team of moderators.


PentaxForums.com is regarded as the largest Pentax-dedicated web site in the world.  Our forum sees well over 1,000 new posts every day, and the site gets an average of over 5 million monthly page views, as of August, 2018.


In November, 2011, PentaxForums.com won the www.vbulletin.org "Board of the Month" title for its new, user-friendly forum design and features.

PentaxForums.com - Board of the Month

More About Our Content

Recently, we started an in-depth review section, where you may read full-length reviews of Pentax equipment written by our staff.  We also introduced a Pentax News section in which we post the latest in Pentax news, rumors, and Pentax-related happenings.

Among several other things, highly unique to our site is the Photographer's Marketplace, which allows all forum members to list their old or unwanted photo gear for sale. This not only allows users to easily find buyers for their items, but it also gives those buyers a very large selection of items that may not be available elsewhere - especially rare or used equipment! Although the transactions themselves are not processed through our site, by using the Marketplace, forum members reach thousands of potential buyers quickly and easily. In addition, the Marketplace has a built-in feedback system that can build users' reputations on the site, and best of all, there are no listing fees! We feel that a resource such as this one is integral to any large community of users.

Our website makes it very easy for users to upload, post, and share photos as well. The "Post your Photos" section is dedicated to sharing photos in threads, and forum members can easily link to and embed photos in their threads or upload them directly using the attachment system or photo gallery. For more serious photographers, we feature a critique forum.

Finally, every month, PentaxForums.com holds a public photo contest with a unique theme. At the end of each month, a poll to decide the winner is posted, and after two weeks, the winner is announced and showcased on the site homepage. Prizes are offered!  Unofficial weekly competitions are also held in our mini-challenges forum.

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If you are a current or prospective Pentax user, we welcome you to register for free on the forum and start exploring everything it has to offer! You can also stay on top of Pentax news and updates via our Facebook Page or news and review RSS feeds.PentaxForums.com RSS Feeds


We take our members' privacy very seriously and do not require any personal information from our users except for e-mail and country.  We never sell or disclose this information to third parties. Our forum rules, privacy policy, and payment policies are accessible here.




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