The Pentax Full Frame is Just Around the Corner

February launch highly likely

By PF Rumors in Pentax Rumors on Feb 1, 2016

The long-awaited Pentax Full Frame DSLR is finally just around the corner.  After all, it's not April, so we must put all jokes aside.  For the Pentax enthusiast community, it has been a long wait full of emotions ranging from excitement to frustration to denial.  Yet those who endured it will soon be rewarded with what will arguably be one of the biggest Pentax product launches of the digital era.

We expect the official full frame announcement to land shortly before the 2016 CP+ camera trade show, which starts in Tokyo on February 25th.  If this turns out to be the case, count on us to bring you an exclusive hands-on look at the body, its image quality, and its features!  In addition, we will be covering all the news from the Pentax booth at the show as we've done in previous years.

On January 28th, the official Pentax full frame teaser site was updated with a description of the D FA 24-70mm standard zoom lens.  This was accompanied by a new photo of the camera itself, this time depicting the top LCD and settings dial in detail (shown above).

Pentax Full Frame to Excel with FA Limiteds

Official Teaser Update

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Jan 13, 2016

The official Pentax full frame DSLR teaser site was updated today with a new photo of the upcoming camera (shown above), three new sample photos, as well as a promotional paragraph relating to FA and legacy lens functionality. 

The post is written to appeal to current owners of Pentax full-frame lenses.  When mounted on the Pentax full frame camera, these lenses will offer a wider field of view than when mounted on an APS-C camera, since their entire image circle will be used.  These lenses include the D FA, FA, F, A, M, and K series as well as a host of third-party offerings and screwmount lenses.

Pentax Full Frame Crop Mode Revealed

Option to select FF or Crop for any lens

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Dec 24, 2015

The official Pentax full frame teaser site was updated today to reveal that the upcoming full frame DSLR (due for release in Spring of 2016) will feature a crop mode with three user-selectable settings: automatic, APS-C, and full frame.  In automatic mode, the camera will automatically crop away any pixels beyond the APS-C image circle when a DA-series lens is mounted.  The user can also force this behavior for other lenses by selecting the APS-C mode.  In full frame mode, on the other hand, the camera will record the entire image area, even with lenses that do not fully cover it.  This would allow for manual cropping and thus an image with higher resolution with lenses that cover more than just the APS-C image circle, but less than full frame.  It would also come in handy for DA lenses with mild to moderate vignetting on full frame, such as the DA 560mm F5.6 or DA 50mm F1.8.

While detailed specifications of Pentax's long-awaited new DSLR have not yet been published, see our other news posts tagged with #full frame to learn more about what we know so far!  For example, we are fairly certain that the camera will feature both built-in Wi-Fi and GPS based on photos of a protoype body that was on display in Paris.

Pentax Full Frame to Support All K-mount Lenses

Teaser web site updated

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Dec 11, 2015

The official Pentax Full Frame DSLR teaser site was updated today with a paragraph stating that "all K-mount lenses are compatible" with the upcoming camera.  The paragraph references the FA lens series and even includes two sample photos taken with FA* lenses on a prototype— the first ever photos from this camera to be published. The camera will also offer a crop mode so that DA lenses can be used if desired.

Could production of select FA-series lenses be re-started to support the launch of the full frame?

While detailed specifications of the full frame remain unknown, a prototype model recently on display at Salon de la Photo in Paris revealed that the camera is likely to feature Wi-Fi, built-in GPS, an articulating LCD screen, and plenty of dedicated dials and buttons.  The camera is slated for a Spring, 2016 debut and we expect to learn much more about it at the upcoming CP+ trade show in Tokyo.

Pentax Full-Frame DSLR to be Named K-1

Prototype on display at Salon de la Photo in Paris

By PF Rumors in Pentax Rumors on Nov 5, 2015

After its unofficial debut at PhotoPlus just weeks ago, a prototype of the upcoming Pentax full frame DSLR has once again made an appearance at Salon de la Photo, the annual camera expo that takes place in Paris.  Rumors of a tentative name for the camera surfaced at the show; the first Pentax full-frame DSLR may be named the Pentax K-1.

Among others, forum member Zygonyx attended the show and captured a clear view of the camera from the top:

Pentax full frame top view - Zygonyx (Click to enlarge) PentaxForums +Pentax Forums @PentaxForums News | Reviews | Forum

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