Good news for K-5 owners

Front-focus firmware fix

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Feb 25, 2011
Good news for K-5 owners

We've received rumors from multiple sources that a new firmware version - 1.03 - is under development for the Pentax K-5 primarily to address the recently-discovered front-focus issue.  Once this firmwate fix is out, there should be no more known QA issues with the K-5, as it appears that units currently being produced are free of the nasty sensor stain issue that plagued K-5's from 2010. 

Furthermore, our K-5 serial number database shows promising results by purchase date:

October, 2010: 16/27 K5's stained (59%)
January, 2011:18/49 K5's stained (37%)
February, 2011: 5/19 K5's stained (26%)

This suggests that as early-production K-5's are indeed being sent back for cleaning and disappearing from the shelves, replaced by new, clean models.

As a reminder: if you currently own a K-5 with the stain issue, you can send it in under warranty for cleaning/repair.

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