New Pentax US Pricing Scheme

Starting April 1st - Prices to Go Up

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Mar 28, 2012

Earlier we had been advised that the $300 instant rebate on the Pentax K-5 (lowering its price to $989) expires for good on March 31st; now, we've learned that the price of the Pentax K-5 will be changed to a fixed $1099.

In addition, Pentax's pricing scheme at authorized US retailers will change as of 4/1/2012.

In the past, you may have noticed that for many Pentax products, you had to click on "add to cart" links in order to view the actual (lower) price.  As of next month, this will be going away, and Pentax will be adapting what is called a Unilateral Pricing Policy.  Already in use by other manufacturers such as Nikon and Sony, this will place restrictions on how much retailers can lower prices on items, and essentially means that prices on many Pentax lenses will go up in a few days.  It also means that we'll see much smaller variations in price between listings at major retailers.

Therefore, if you live in the US and are in the market for new Pentax gear, now is the time to get it, especially if the retailers you're looking to buy from are advertising reduced prices.  As a reminder, if you order from B&H Photo or Adorama Camera, you will be eligible for free access to our Pentax classifieds and your forum account will be upgraded with added photo space.

More details about free account upgrades can be found in this homepage post.

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