Pentax Full Frame Crop Mode Revealed

Option to select FF or Crop for any lens

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Dec 24, 2015
Pentax Full Frame Crop Mode Revealed

The official Pentax full frame teaser site was updated today to reveal that the upcoming full frame DSLR (due for release in Spring of 2016) will feature a crop mode with three user-selectable settings: automatic, APS-C, and full frame.  In automatic mode, the camera will automatically crop away any pixels beyond the APS-C image circle when a DA-series lens is mounted.  The user can also force this behavior for other lenses by selecting the APS-C mode.  In full frame mode, on the other hand, the camera will record the entire image area, even with lenses that do not fully cover it.  This would allow for manual cropping and thus an image with higher resolution with lenses that cover more than just the APS-C image circle, but less than full frame.  It would also come in handy for DA lenses with mild to moderate vignetting on full frame, such as the DA 560mm F5.6 or DA 50mm F1.8.

While detailed specifications of Pentax's long-awaited new DSLR have not yet been published, see our other news posts tagged with #full frame to learn more about what we know so far!  For example, we are fairly certain that the camera will feature both built-in Wi-Fi and GPS based on photos of a protoype body that was on display in Paris.

Additional sample photos (presumably taken with a prototype body) that compare cropped and full-frame angles of view were also posted on the teaser site today.  Below is the official post:

The new PENTAX 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera features a Crop mode, which allows you to select the image size to be recorded, with a choice of three settings: AUTO, FF and APS-C. The AUTO setting automatically selects the appropriate image size for the lens mounted on the camera. It selects either a 35mm full-frame image size for D FA- and FA-series lenses, or an APS-C image size for DA- and DA L-series lenses. The FF setting captures all images in a 35mm full-frame image size, regardless of the lens mounted on the camera.* The APS-C setting captures all images in an APS-C image size, regardless of the lens**, while displaying a cropping frame in the camera’s viewfinder.

* In the FF setting, an image outside the APS-C-format picture frame may not be reproduced in sufficient quality with certain lenses and/or in certain situations.
** When an image is cropped to an APS-C image size, the number of recorded pixels is lower, as the pixels in the cropped areas are eliminated.

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