Pentax K-1 II On the Horizon

Potentially to be announced in late February

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Feb 6, 2018
Pentax K-1 II On the Horizon

Chatter about a successor to the acclaimed Pentax K-1 has been growing over the course of the past weeks.  It all started with an unexpected tweet by Nokishita Camera (historically known for accurate leaks) claiming that we will see a "Pentax K-1 II" announced at the upcoming CP+ trade show, due to be held from March 1-4 in Japan. 

Today, Ricoh Imaging's Czech Facebook page announced end of K-1 production.  This adds a strong justification for the prior rumors of a K-1 successor and we are thus confident that such a camera is just around the corner.

Interestingly, the Pentax K-3 II was recently marked as discontinued on the official Japanese Pentax web site.  It's therefore possible that we will soon not only see a K-1 II full frame, but also a successor to Pentax's aging APS-C flagship.  As of the writing of this post, the K-1 remains listed as a current model, so don't fear that it will vanish from the shelves overnight.  The same goes for the K-3 II; usually it takes several months for stock to actually clear out at retailers (and during this period you may come across juicy offers such as this one).

How much truth is there to these two rumors?  We'll soon find out! As usual, we will be covering the CP+ show to report on any potential news and conduct our annual interview with the Pentax team.

We announce the end of the sale of the successful PENTAX K-1. The last pieces can be ordered with our business partners, their list can be found here:

Post from the Czech Pentax/Ricoh Facebook page

If you want to secure a K-1 while you can, it is currently selling at $1769- the lowest price we've seen in 7 months.  Given the consensus that the K-1 could easily sell at a higher price point, we would expect a modest price hike for its successor.

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Learn all about the Pentax K-1 in our in-depth review.

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