Pentax K-30 Delay

Estimates now show a ship date well into July

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Jun 28, 2012

Just over 5 weeks ago, we posted the official announcement of the Pentax K-30, and even though demo units have recently been circulating, the K-30 has yet to hit the shelves., which originally quoted a release date of June 25th, is now stating that the K-30 won't start shipping until July 20th.

Despite all the praise than the K-30 has gotten in recent (p)reviews written by various magazines and photo sites, a camera that it's not available for purchase won't do Pentax any good, nor can it fully be evaluated.  Meanwhile, Canon announced the comparable new Rebel t4i and pushed it out to stores just over a week later.  We remain hopeful that Pentax will start delivering the K-30 soon, perhaps even in time for our users' summer travels!

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