Pentax K-5 Rebate Ending

$300 instant rebate permanently expires after 3/31

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Mar 26, 2012

We've gotten word that the $300 US instant rebate on the Pentax K-5, which reduces the price of the camera from $1299 to $999 at authorized retailers, is set to expire on March 31st and will not be renewed by Pentax.

While you never know what new things Pentax's marketing division may have in store for us in the coming months, chances are the the price of the K-5 will remain higher until it's eventually discontinued and replaced by the successor rumored to be launched this fall.

If you decide to purchase your K-5 before this rebate ends, you'll be able to get free Marketplace access on our forum.

To learn more about this camera, see our Pentax K-5 review.

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