Pentax K-50 and Q-mount Leaks Continue

More information on the upcoming K-50 and Pentax Q announcements

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Jun 10, 2013
Pentax K-50 and Q-mount Leaks Continue

Leaks about the upcoming Pentax K-50 have recently been joined by talks of new releases for the Pentax Q system as well.  The Q body cap lens, which was originally presented at CP+ 2012 and confirmed at CP+ 2013, is likely to be announced in the coming weeks.  Based on leaked photos, it looks like the official name of this lens will be "07 Mount Shield Lens", and it will feature a focal length of 11.5mm and a maximum aperture of F9 via a pinhole-inspired optical design.

A Japanese web site that originally leaked information about the K-50 is now suggesting that the camera will go on sale on July 5th in Japan, which means that we are bound to see an official announcement very soon.  The web site confirmed that the specifications of the K-50 are largely unchanged compared to those of the Pentax K-30, although the K-50 will be available in more colors (in Japan, different colors will be available for the grip and the body).

Other sources suggest that a new Q-series camera called the Pentax Q7 might soon be joining the Pentax mirrorless lineup; this camera may feature a larger 1.7" sensor rather than the 1/2.3" unit found in the Q and Q10.

The sources of this information are currently being discussed in our Pentax News & Rumors forum.

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