Pentax Q2 Rumor

Successor to the Q7, styled like the original Q

By PF Rumors in Pentax Rumors on Jul 30, 2014
Pentax Q2 Rumor

According to the Japanese site, Pentax will soon release a new Q-mount camera: the successor to the Pentax Q7.  This seems quite probable given the age of the Q7 (well over a year) as well as the recent discontinuation of special-order custom color kits in the US, which typically happens at the end of each camera's product cycle.

Based on the leaked product photos, it looks like the new camera's body will be styled to look more like the original Q than the Q7 or Q10.  This means that we'll likely be seeing a magnesium alloy body with faux leather, rather than a plastic body: great news for Q-system fans!

The new camera may end up being known as the Q-S1 or Q2.

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In addition to being offered in black and white (just like the original Q), the Q2/Q-S1 will also be available in gold and gunmetal.  A magnesium alloy body would prevent a wide gamut of custom colors from being offered.

Pentax Q2 Gold
Pentax Q2 Gold with 01 Standard Prime lens

We can also observe from its product photos that the Q2 has received a second e-dial (or perhaps a different kind of mysterious switch) in the front.

Further Q2 specifications are currently unknown, though we would expect the Q2 to use the same sensor as the Q7 while receiving other hardware improvements.  A high-resolution LCD or an EVF would be two very welcome additions.

You can read the original rumor here.

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