The Quest for a Pentax Full-Frame

Convincing Pentax that one is needed

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Dec 7, 2011
The Quest for a Pentax Full-Frame

We've once again teamed up with the Spanish Pentax camera site and launched a page dedicated to users who would like to see Pentax release a full-frame camera.  If you want to see a full-frame Pentax become a reality, simply "Like" this page. Hopefully, within a few weeks we'll have enough likes to be able to convince Pentax to make our dreams a reality.

Please also follow us on our own Facebook page for more updates on this project!

A few months ago, we sent a letter to Pentax stating why they would benefit from making a full-frame DSLR, and we received a response from the president of Pentax Europe, Andre Dierickx, who commented on Pentax's future plans under new management.  You may read the letter here.

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