Wi-Fi Enabled Pentax DSLR, Silent Focusing Kit Lens

On display at CES 2015

By PF Staff in Pentax Rumors on Jan 7, 2015
Wi-Fi Enabled Pentax DSLR, Silent Focusing Kit Lens

We have learned more about the unnamed Pentax DSLR currently on display at CES 2015 through attendee reports and photos, and so far, it's all good news!

The new DSLR has the following features:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Dual control wheels
  • Fully articulating LCD
  • Weather sealing
  • Video mode on the on/off switch
  • Decorative LED rings (toned down compared to the K-S1)
  • Multiple color options
  • NFC support
  • UHS-I memory card support

And we also have more preliminary information on the new collapsible kit lens:

  • SMC Pentax-DA L 18-50mm F4-5.6 DC WR RE
  • Weather sealed
  • Silent DC autofocus
  • Extends by roughly 2cm
  • Can be paired with a compact hood (square opening)

Click here for photo of the camera and lens on display.

For the latest information, see also the CES 2015 discussion on the forum.  Our commentary follows.

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This camera and lens combo seems like a slam dunk for Pentax.  In recent reviews we wrote that in order to remain consumer-friendly, Pentax needed to release a kit lens with silent autofocus.  We also predicted that native Wi-Fi (remote control + file transfer) would be on the horizon, and it sure is!

Our only gripe: why is everything still "tentative"?  Some might say that this new Pentax strongly resembles the Nikon D5500 (a 24-megapixel upper entry-level DSLR with built-in wi-fi and a tilting touchscreen), and it's quite possible that it will end up being very similar.  However, assuming this camera will be reasonably-priced (above the K-S1 and below the K-3), it will likely still be seen as a highly desirable product by existing Pentax owners and newcomers alike.  We expect it to outshine the competition in the usual areas where Pentax exhibits strength: handling, weather-sealing, and lens compatibility.  We have yet to confirm its full technical specifications, so we will withhold further commentary until that time.

We hope to go hands-on with this new camera at CP+ 2015.




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