Ricoh WG-60 Officially Announced

Rugged waterproof compact camera

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Oct 25, 2018

Ricoh Imaging today announced the Ricoh WG-60, a 16-megapixel point-and-shoot outdoor digital camera that boasts a waterproof, crushproof, shockproof, and dustproof construction.  The WG-60 is nearly identical to the Ricoh WG-50, which it replaces. The WG-60 is expected to start shipping in mid-November; its US MSRP is set at $279.95— the same as its predecessor.

New features in the WG-60

  • Native support for Flashair SD cards - Wi-Fi can now be turned on and off via the camera
  • Outdoor view setting - Monitor brightness can be boosted on the fly to improve viewability in strong light

The WG-60's full specifications are available in our camera database.

To learn more about the camera's highlights, check our the overview on

DA★ 11-18mm F2.8 Production Delayed

Now expected next year

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jun 29, 2018

Ricoh Imaging has announced a delay in the production of the DA★ 11-18mm F2.8, an upcoming premium ultra-wide zoom for Pentax APS-C bodies.  The 11-18mm is now expected to launch in 2019.

similar delay had pushed back the D FA★ 50mm F1.4 earlier this year, which was only just announced today and will finally start shipping in July. 

Whatever the exact reason for this delay may be, it's clear that high-performance lenses such as these require a great deal of care and effort in terms of quality control.  Should any noticeable issues make it into production, the future of the lens could then be in jeopardy— something like this may have led to the early discontinuation of the 25mm F4 lens in the 645 mount

Nevertheless, this news will surely annoy users who have been eagerly awaiting this lens, especially considering the slow pace of recent announcements.  The 11-18mm teaser was originally revealed in October 2017 and it was previously slated for a 2018 summer release.

More details on the delay can be found in the press release below.

HD Pentax-D FA★ 50mm F1.4 Officially Announced

New premium full-frame prime lens

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jun 29, 2018

Ricoh Imaging has finally officially announced the HD Pentax-D FA★ 50mm F1.4 SDM AW, a premium prime lens designed to deliver the highest levels of image quality when paired with a full frame camera body such as the Pentax K-1 and K-1 Mark II.  As a star-series lens, the new 50mm sports the latest in technology, including an electromagnetic aperture diaphragm and a newly-designed ring-type focusing motor. 

This 50mm follows in the footsteps of Sigma, Zeiss, and other manufacturers who have recently started making wide-aperture primes optimized for image quality above all else.  In fact, the D FA★ is both over 4 times heavier and over 4 times more expensive than the film-era FA 50mm F1.4.

The D FA★ 50mm F1.4 starts at $1199 in the US and £1199 in the UK, and it is expected to ship around July 21st, 2018.  You can pre-order it now to secure your copy early, while also supporting the forum:

We originally learned about this lens last February, and we went hands-on with it in March and this year's CP+ show in Tokyo.  We are looking forward to conducting our in-depth review once the production version of the lens becomes available.

Full specifications are available in our lens database.

This lens uses the KAF4 mount, which does away with the old-fashioned mechanical aperture linkage.  However, this also means that the lens will always shoot wide-open on cameras older than the K-50.  You can check the compatibility of the D FA★ 50mm F1.4 with your camera using our new tool.

Ricoh Releases SDKs for Pentax DSLRs

Custom apps for Pentax cameras are around the corner

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on May 16, 2018

If you've been longing to write (or use) custom apps to interact with Pentax cameras, the wait may soon be over!  Today, Ricoh Imaging released Software Development Kits (SDKs) allowing programmers to write apps to control Pentax cameras, both on computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.  User-developed apps will thus soon be joining the ranks of existing official software from Ricoh, such as Image Sync, Image Transmitter, and the Lightroom plugin

The days of unstable reverse-engineering will soon be over for the camera models supported by the SDK, which currently includes all models released in the past 2 years, in addition to the 645Z.

Plan to create an app or have a great idea for one?  Let us know in the comments!

If you're a developer, head over to to grab the SDK.

This announcement follows in the footsteps of the Theta, which has had an SDK for some time now.

Four software development kits to be released, for the remote operation of PENTAX digital SLR cameras via smartphones or personal computers

TOKYO, May 16, 2018 –

Ricoh today announced the release of four software development kits (SDK), designed for the remote operation of PENTAX-brand digital SLR cameras using smartphones and personal computers. Based on these kits,users can develop software or applications that enable them to operate their cameras from a distance,and then output captured Live View images to external monitors. They also allow for the simultaneous control of multiple cameras, making it easier to develop systems using digital cameras for various industrial fields.

SDKs to be released:
・RICOH Camera USB SDK for Microsoft® .NET Framework
・RICOH Camera USB SDK for C++
・RICOH Camera Wireless SDK for iOS
・RICOH Camera Wireless SDK for Android

Compatible camera models:

Main features:
・Choice of USB or Wireless connection, in combination with compatible PENTAX-brand digital SLR cameras.
・First SDKs designed for use with PENTAX-brand digital SLR cameras.

How to download:
Access the dedicated Web site (; available in English only) to download the SDKs. SKDs can be downloaded free of charge; however, RICOH CO., LTD. will not provide any additional technical support.

* This model is compatible with the RICOH Camera USB SDK for Microsoft® .NET Framework and RICOH Camera USB SDK for C++ only.
** This model is compatible with the RICOH Camera Wireless SDK for iOS and RICOH Camera Wireless SDK for Android only.

Pentax DA★ 11-18mm and D FA★ 50mm Specifications

Reference exhibits at CP+ 2018

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Feb 27, 2018

In preparation for the upcoming CP+ 2018 trade show, which kicks off on March 1st in Tokyo, Ricoh Imaging has revealed further details about the two K-mount lenses due for release later this year, including partial specifications.

We'll see the HD Pentax-D FA50mm F1.4 SDM AW premium normal lens for the full frame system this spring.  It will feature the latest KAF4 lens mount*, which incorporates electromagnetic aperture control.  In addition, this will be the first Pentax lens to use a newly-designed ring-type autofocus motor.  We expect this lens to deliver "corner to corner" sharpness, as has been the trend with recent modern primes.  It is possible that Ricoh will officially announce this lens in the coming days (as implied by the "one reference product" in the press release text).

The HD Pentax-DA11-18mm F2.8 ED DC AW is expected in the summer.  This will be a wide-angle premium zoom for crop cameras.  We've learned that it will use the KAF3 lens mount, which means it will remain compatible with older cameras like the Pentax K-5.  The lens will also feature a focus clamp to allow for very precise manual focus adjustments.

Other news includes the announcement of new lens roadmaps, which newly lists a D FA 70-200mm F4, and of course the announcement of the Pentax K-1 II.

*Cameras older than the Pentax K-3 will always shoot wide-open with this lens.

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