Close-up Photos: New Pentax APS-C Flagship

From the unveling event in Toyko

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Sep 21, 2019

The new Pentax APS-C flagship DSLR prototype has now been unveiled in Tokyo, and are therefore about to bring you some new close-up photos of the camera!  Among other things, these photos show a small tab below the camera's rear LCD, which implies the possible use of some sort of a tilting or articulating mechanism.  However, concrete specifications are not yet known— and likely won't be disclosed until the camera is ready to hit the market in 2020. 

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Special thanks go to Albert Siegel for shooting these photos.

New Pentax Flagship DSLR Prototype to be Exhibited

Camera under development, scheduled to launch in 2020

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Sep 20, 2019

For the past many months, the Pentax community has been told by Ricoh representatives time and time again that a new APS-C flagship DSLR (i.e. a Pentax K-3 II replacement) was in the works, albeit without much concrete evidence.  Today, we are one step closer to having this camera, as Ricoh has officially announced that it will exhibit a prototype of a new DSLR, in less than two days' time, in Japan.

The prototype camera—pictured above—appears to be in its final stages of development, based on what appears to be a fairly complete design.  The camera has the traditional look of a Pentax DSLR with several new controls, notably a joystick and a sensor below the viewfinder.  It appears to combine the design of the K-3 with the added customization and dials on the Pentax K-1.  However, beyond this single photo, no further details about the camera have been released.  It is expected to launch in 2020, and is of course subject to change compared to what is currently shown.  Click on either thumbnail below for a larger view.

If you'd like to speculate about what this new camera may or may not bring, don't hesitate to leave a comment or sift through the discussion on the forum.

HD Pentax-DA 10-17mm Fish-eye Announced

This new version has a removable lens hood

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jul 9, 2019

Ricoh has today officially announced the new version of the DA 10-17mm Fish-eye zoom, dubbed the HD Pentax-DA Fish-eye 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 ED. Like its predecessor, the SMC version, the new lens has internal focus (IF) even though the "IF" has been omitted from the lens name.

The new version has three material upgrades over the previous version:

  • HD coating which controls flare and ghosting a tad better than smc coating
  • Lens barrel design in line with other recent lenses
  • A removable lens hood

The removable lens hood is of special interest since it should make the lens more suitable for use on full frame cameras: with the hood removed the lens produces a nearly circular fish eye image when used with the Pentax K-1 or K-1 II. We will evaluate this claim and the suitability for use on full frame when we can lay our hands on the lens. The SMC version only got one star out of three in our assessment of its suitability on full frame. 

The HD Pentax-DA 10-17mm Fish-eye is launching at $499.95 in the US and is already available for preorder (currently only listed at B&H photo):

Preorder the HD 10-17mm at B&H

Pentax 100th Celebration: Instagram Photo Contest

Official event in July-September with prizes each month

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jun 30, 2019

As part of its celebration of 100 years of Pentax (or, more specifically, 100th anniversary of Asahi Optical Company from which Pentax was born), Ricoh Imaging has announced an official Pentax-themed photo contest on Instagram.

The contest will last for three months (from June through September), and there will be a different theme each month.  After the contest ends, 3 prize winners will be selected for each theme, with 2 additional awards recognizing the most exceptional images overall. Prizes will consist of various goods related to the Pentax anniversary event.

Click here to view the July photo contest gallery

Entering is simple: make an Instagram post with a single photo and the 3 hashtags #pentax100contest (for all months), #pentaxany100 (the theme-specific hashtag for June, subject to change in future months), and #pentax{your camera model}.  You may enter more than once, but each post must only contain a single photo.

Ricoh is requesting that all winners provide the original image files, so be sure to keep them handy.  Entries are limited to Pentax cameras only, film or digital.

We encourage forum members to also share their photo submissions on the forum or on the Pentax Forums Facebook page, or use the hashtag #pentaxforums.

Full details are available on the official contest website.

Pentax KP J Limited Announced

A truly unique collaboration

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jun 13, 2019

Ricoh Imaging today announced the availability of the Pentax KP J Limited— a special edition of the Pentax KP (originally teased at CP+ 2019) which is perhaps the most unique offering of its kind to date.  Rather than being a model designed and developed by Ricoh itself, the KP J Limited is the result of an extensive collaboration between passionate Pentax fans at Ricoh, Miroku Techno Wood Company, Citizen Watch Company, and professional photographer Kazutoshi Yoshimura.  The custom design was created by the man who also designed the Pentax K-30

The camera is designed by (and aimed at) "the 1%" of photographers who appreciate the character and nuance of such a unique product.  As such, the camera will not be marketed through traditional retail channels. It can be viewed (as of June 13th) at four locations: Ricoh Imaging Square Shinjuku, Ricoh Imaging Square Ginza, Ricoh Imaging Square Osaka, and Repair Service Center (Utuka Umato). Orders can be placed only at the Ricoh Imaging Square, or online through the Japanese Pentax web store, and are now being accepted.

Orders placed by June 28th are expected to ship on July 31st.  We do not currently know if there will be a second production run thereafter or if the camera will be available outside of Japan. The KP J Limited costs ¥148,500 (approximately 1400 USD).  The camera will be available in two variants, as pictured below:

KP J Limited Black & Gold

KP J Limited Dark Night Navy

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